What if I don’t have a chimney stack?

No chimney?  No problem. We can install the flue either on the outside of the property, or straight up through the ceiling.

The industry calls this a Twin Wall System (or sometimes Double Wall, or High Temperature Flue).

Most modern properties were built without chimney stacks, but their owners often come round to wanting a natural fire, giving additional warmth, to save on their heating bills, and to enjoy natural flames.

The choice of fire these days is almost always a sealed-system wood burner, (or multi-fuel stove) as open fires are today considered very wasteful and grossly inefficient.  Modern stoves are the exact opposite, up to 90 per cent cleaner and more efficient than an open fire.

Twin Wall Chimney Solution for Charnwood Log Burner in Minehead

What is a Twin Wall Chimney System?

Twin wall chimney systems are constructed from double skinned insulated components and used as alternative to traditional brick built chimneys. It should run 15 ft (4.5m) above the surface of the stove top, this height is needed to get a good draw.

The layer of insulation inside a twin wall flue keeps the flue gases warmer, allowing the flue to perform correctly and efficiently, whilst also reducing the build-up of condensates within the flue system.

HETAS installation of ACR Neo P3 woodburning stove in Minehead

Internal Twin Wall Chimney Systems

Twin Wall chimney systems can be installed vertically through the ceiling and then through the next room above, continuing through the attic and exiting out of the roof. The Twin Wall Chimney system must be boxed in when transitioning through rooms and protected with a wire mesh cage in an attic space to protect from items touching the chimney system.

external twin wall log burner installation minehead

External Twin Wall Chimney Systems

We often install twin wall chimney systems through a ground level wall continuing vertically adjacent to the outside wall of your property. These systems are fixed securely to the exterior and with regular sweeping can last in excess of 15 years. The twin wall chimney is available in either chrome or powder black coated finish, which can reduce the visual impact of a system.

HETAS Twin Wall Chimney Installers in Somerset

Our installers will survey your property and design your new flue system to comply with HETAS stringent regulations regarding construction and installation.

This work should be carried out by a HETAS H006 approved engineer / installer.

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