Installation of Ecosy Panoramic Widescreen Woodburner in Minehead

This project involved installing a Ecosy Panoramic Widescreen woodburner in a property in Minehead.
The Ecosy Panoramic Woodburner is a very efficient, SIA approved, Defra Approved woodburning stove.

Woodburner installer in Minehead

What’s the difference between SIA & Defra Certification?

Defra Approved Stoves

A Defra approved stove is an industry term for an SE (smoke exempt) stove which has been approved to burn specific fuels in a smoke control area that would usually not be allowed – ie. wood. The Defra approved logo is very recognisable and it has been adopted by the industry. Defra approved stoves cannot be fully shut down and allowed to slumber overnight as tis processes produces the highest concentration of PM emissions.

SIA Approved Stoves – Ecodesign Ready

SIA- (Stove Industry Alliance) Ecodesign Ready stoves are designed to reduce PM emissions (particulate matter) by burning wood more efficiently and completely. SIA certified woodburners are the next generation of modern efficiet stoves, The PM emissions limit for Ecodesign is 55% lower than for DEFRA exempt stoves.

SiA and DEFRA Approved Logos

Which Woodburner should I Choose?

We educate our customers on new SIA air quality regulations being introduced in 2022 and provide advice on the type of woodburner to purchase and recommend fuels which best suit their requirements. In our showroom in Minehead we stock both kiln dry logs and many types of briquettes, which burn producing lower emissions than seasoned logs.

Woodburner Showroom in Minehead

Visit our showroom in Minehead to discuss your woodburner installation and browse our stoves on display or call 01643 704040 for a free survey and no-obligation quote. We have a wide range of stoves from traditional to contemporary to suit most budgets.

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