Woodburner Twinwall Chimney Installers in Exebridge near Tiverton

We are HETAS H006 Certified twinwall chimney installers based in Somerset and install twinwall chimneys for residential and commercial properties throughout Somerset.

This project involved installing a powder black external twinwall chimney system at a cottage in Exebridge near Tiverton.

The customer didn’t have a chimney and wanted to retain their bespoke stone fire surround. The solution was to come off the back of the stove at 45 degrees with twinwall, through the stone wall and adjacent to the property, navigating around the soffit and finishing at just over a meter above the ridge as specified by HETAS.

The woodburner draws exceptionally well with approximately 8m of black powdered coated twinwall. The minimum height for a twinwall chimney system is 4.5m, unless specified in the stove manual. If the twinwall chimney system is under 4.5m then additional checks on flue pressure and approval by the twinwall flue manufacture is also required. We often use black powder coated twinwall instead of standard chrome as reduces visual impact of chimney and can complement drain pipes.

Woodburner Chimney Twinwall Installers in Exebridge near Tiverton

Note: You are generally require planning permission from local authorities before installing a twinwall chimney system in listed properties and often authorities state black powder coated twinwall must be used.

As HETAS installers we install both external and internal twinwall chimney systems.

External Twinwall Chimney Systems

External twinall chimney systems generally mean exiting through a wall in your property and can provide a degree of flexibility with the location of the woodburner. Be aware of distances to combustibles from the stove to plastic or wood windows. We used twinwall with a distance of 50mm to combustibles, but many stoves require 300mm distance to combustibles or larger from the rear and sides.

Internal Twinwall Chimney Systems

The position of a woodburner in a room can be limited using an internal twinwall chimney system, depending several factors. Consider the route of the chimney flue and potential obstacles such as bathrooms, pipe work etc and bear in mind you’re only allowed 4 bends in total throughout the length of the chimney. With our years of experience we are happy to provide a free survey and quote to discuss the options available to you, click here for more information.

Note: Many people like the industrial look of chrome twinwall and are disappointed to find that twinwall must be boxed in when travelling through rooms as stated by HETAS.

We used 3 twinwall support brackets and a base support in this installation to provide a strong ridged fixing. They should be spaced as stated in flue manufactures specifications and we always use base support bracket for additional strength.

Problems when lighting a woodburner using a Twinwall Chimney System?

Twinwall chimneys often require warming up in order to improve draw of flue gases and work effectively during the initial stove lighting process, especially during cold weather conditions. The cold external air outside the property presses down on the warmer air inside the property and can hinder draw from the stove. We suggest burning some kindling or similar with the stove door open for a longer period in order to increase flue temperature. Once the twinwall is warm then the flue draw will improve and the stove door can be closed.

We installed a Ecosy Hampton 5kw Woodburner in this cottage in Exebridge near Tiverton. It’s a quality, good value, SIA approved wood only woodburner and comes with a wooden handle and 7 year warranty.

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